All communications (email, phone calls and conference calls) that will enable a smooth and respectful planning and performing of the wedding ceremony, official paperwork filled out and forwarded to the Provincial Offices for legal purposes, are included in the fees listed below:

Signing only

Signing with ring exchange

Official required to stay during ceremony

     (eg. friend or relative officiating)

$ 300.00

$ 325.00

$ 350.00

Weddings Ceremonies

Starting at

$ 400.00

$ 425.00

$ 450..00 +




Rose Ceremony     

Pebble Ceremony

Jumping the Broom

Bread Breaking


(Props not included)

Unity Candles

Sand Ceremony

Wine Ceremony


Hands of the Bride and Groom

Veil & Cord

and more... tell us ...

$ 30.00 each

Other Services


Parking fees may be added if no public parking is available.

Travelling expenses may be added if the ceremony and/or planning meetings are 50 KM from Officiant’s location

Please discuss with your AEIC Accredited Official

Stamped envelops will no longer be provided by the Province. aeicweddings will incur the cost of regular mail. Given the fact that we cannot assume liability for lost mail by Canada Post, we offer our couples the option of having their licence sent by registered mail. Although no extra charges will apply to the Official’s time, it is the responsibility of the couple to pay the $20.00 cost of registration.

Standard  Renewal of Vows                                         

Commitment Ceremonies                        

Naming Ceremonies                                              

Signing Only

Ceremony ( including signing)


Opening remarks, vows and ring exchange, wishes,  pronouncement


Opening remarks, readings/prayers vows and ring exchange, pronouncement


Theme; Cruise Ship


Add $50.00  to base fee