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Wedding Officiants

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Andy Burke

I have planned many weddings, now it is my pleasure to actually be solemnizing your special day. Whether casual or elaborate your ceremony should be elegant.  I believe I can help with all your needs.

Regional Charge: Barrie

Teresa Burke

I have been performing ceremonies of various types for years, and I love it! It would give me great pleasure to help you celebrate your special day with the ceremony of your choice.

Regional Charge: Barrie

Gracie Callender

LOVE is LOVE is LOVE ... no explanation necessary I would love to be a part of that magical journey where the next step in a loving relationship is being realized and two individual journeys now include a third journey where respect, honour and love  are mutually expected.  Let the journey begin.

Regional Charge: Barrie

Judith Myddelton

My goal is to help you create a celebration that reflects your commitment to the people and the community you love.  I've been graced with love, marriage, children, family and loss and I appreciated the opportunity to make those significant life events a reflection of my personal community.  I'd like to help make your celebration memorable for you, too."

Regional Charge: Barrie

Shealyn Angus

After 10 years in the wedding industry as one of the top wedding planners in Ontario, Shealyn is thrilled to take her experiences and parlay them into intentional and unique ceremony experiences. A true believer in the power of words, Shealyn’s focus on designing ceremonies to reflect the authentic nuances of each couple is what makes the experience unique to each and every ceremony. Celebrating love is a gift, and one that Shealyn is honoured to be a part of.

Regional Charge: Barrie and environs

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Kyle Bonyman

I'm excited to share your special day with you and make it perfect for you. I have worked hundreds of weddings in nearly every aspect and I look forward to being able to officiate your wedding. Every wedding is different, and every couple as a different vision of their wedding. I can't wait to help make your vision come true!

Regional Charge: Beeton

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Sarah Angela Clarke

Down-to-earth, practical & whimsical, I am a Registered Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director, Life Coach & Energy Work Practitioner as well as a marriage Officiant.  I live each day with intention and a deep commitment to acknowledging the Divine in all things – creativity, on-going learning and a healthy sense of humour all feature actively in my daily life.  I have incorporated symbolism, ritual and liturgy into life celebrations both large and small for many years and in many contexts. My childhood in Africa, India & Asia opened me to the richness and beauty of how we humans celebrate our relationships through such diversity and heartfelt expressions. I would be delighted to truly hear what you want for your special celebration and to work with you in co-creating a powerful and meaningful sacred space and sacred occasion for you.  I am here to officiate weddings, naming celebrations, commitment renewals, and celebrations of new chapters of life or end-of-life, or other moments in life you wish to mark and honour.

Regional Charge:  Belleville, other areas available depending on distance

NB: Prices may vary from our website 

Pat Granata

Touching two lives as they unite into one, is what compelled me to officiate weddings. I consider the opportunity a great honour and privilege to be a part of your incredible journey. Let us begin with the most special in mind... you.

Languages: English, Italian

Regional Charge: Brampton

Carmen Micu; PhD

I am Health Care Practitioner living in  the charming little town of Fergus, ON. My time is split doing the things I love most: officiating weddings, treating patients, studying, and loving my family. I enjoy  working with  couples  “hands on” to help create the ceremony most suitable to their taste. I would be thrilled to reply to all your questions, regarding your special day!

Languages:   English and Romanian

Regional Charge: Fergus and environs

Lori Goldblatt

Since 2013 I have been offering unique and personalized ceremonies as a Life-Cycle Celebrant®. These include ceremonies of remembrance for funerals, celebrations of life, healing ceremonies, ceremonies that acknowledge milestones: a significant move, rituals for birth and the transition to becoming parents, and a ceremony for saying goodbye at end of life.

Over the last 5 years, I have also been asked to create and facilitate wedding ceremonies. I am so excited to be able to offer ceremonies that truly honour and celebrate a couple’s unique love story, told in a way that includes the traditions and rituals that are most important to them.

I look forward to creating ceremonies that hold meaning today and will remain as memories for a lifetime.

Regional Charge: Capreol

Capreol & 50 km radius

Mary Catherine (MK) Punkari

Your wedding officiant is a crucial part of your special day. This Officiant is the protector of the wedding ceremony, the person connected to you forever by sealing your relationship in the eyes of both the law, your family, friends, and God (if that's your belief). It is truly an honour to be that person for you. I will provide you with my time, experience, energy, and passion to making wedding-day memories happen and by providing an exceptionally positive service to the families I work with. Let's experience the magic of your day, together.  

Regional Charge: Capreol

Fonthill  & 50 km radius

Lori Anne Folkins

Among other things, I believe that the most powerful creative forces are ignited by conscious acts of Compassion and Love. That when we, through Ceremony, put conscious action into heart felt intention, we open more fully to and connect more deeply with the creative and healing energies of Life and Love.

And among other things, my prayer/intention, as an Accredited Interfaith Official, is to witness and provide a safe and sacred space for people of all faiths and none, to connect more deeply to these beautiful energies

Regional Charge: Fonthill

NB: Prices may vary from our website

John Werner Schneeberge

Sharing your love with your perfect match is one of the most beautiful and true moments of your lives. A day which begins a new journey together. I am deeply honoured to officiate this magical moment and look forward to helping you arrange the perfect experience.

Regional Charge: Prince Edward County

NB: Prices may vary from our website

Jean Paul Courtemanche

There's nothing more meaningful to me than helping people articulate what they love about each other and love about life, and sharing that vision in community with family and friends. A cultural events and project coordinator since 2006, I am a fully bilingual public speaker and experienced master of ceremonies with a degree in theatre, and a well-traveled individual that values diversity and inclusion. As a proud member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, I am an avid supporter of marriage equality – believing whole-heartedly that love is love, and that all people deserve to feel and experience love and being loved.

Regional Charge: Canada's capital region and northern Ontario.

Languages: French and English

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Valerie Spironello

As a social worker I have had the honour and privilege of accompanying others through some of the most significant events of their lives. I hold this responsibility as sacred. As your officiant, I will support you and your beloved to make your day of commitment one that is reflective of your relationship and wishes for your future together. As a member of the LGBTQI community I believe we all have the right to marry/commit to the person with whom we choose to spend our life and to have this commitment witnessed and supported by community. It is my intention to serve as a witness to the promises you make to one another and share in the joy and happiness of your day.

Regional Charge: Hamilton and environs

Cameron Meyers

My Name is Cameron Meyers. I am an Accredited Interfaith wedding Officiant

and I look forward to bringing your love together.

There is no joy more fulfilling than witnessing a Love that is shared by two.

As a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community, everyone has the grace, dignity and freedom to be joined in Love.

I am eager, honoured and privileged to assist you as you begin this incredible journey. To be at the starting point of your joined Union. You will come to me as individuals but you will leave as one.

Regional Charge: Hamilton

Tracey Darling

Love as an emotion is like water and flows best in places of least resistance where it fits and belongs and shapes a new and beautiful world around it. It's my honour and pleasure to represent AEIC as your Wedding Ceremony, Marriage Accredited Official, t in joining the waters of your love into a lifetime at the seaside together. May your union be blessed!  

Regional Charge: Innisfil

Heidi Jones

Your wedding day will be one of love so energized it positively effects everyone in the room.  I am always honored when I am invited to help you deliver this experience to your cherished friends and family who are supporting you on your big day.

Regional Charge: Kingston

Anita Milne

Anita is happily married to her best friend! They hopped on a plane in the middle of Ontario's freezing winter, and exchanged their vows on the white sand beaches of Miami!† She lives with their 3 fur babies and enjoys time outdoors, traveling, date nights, and food and wine.† Aside from her strong love of animals (and her husband, daughter and bonus children too of course!), her passion is helping her couples plan their dream destination weddings & honeymoons.

Regional Charge: Ottawa & surrounding areas

Languages: English

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Ivy Henriksen

I have  been a wedding officiant for civil ceremonies for years and am excited to join AEIC to help you with your special day. I believe in second chances and that we can manifest and design our own life vs a life by default. I grew up in the country in an interfaith home and love working with couples to add those little touches to make their day personal and an intimate experience. I am  an ally to the LGBTQ2S community and believe  that LOVE IS LOVE. I am also fluent in American Sign Language, grief counsellor/coach and reiki practitioner.  I  would be honoured to be your officiant to help you start the next chapter of  your lives together!

Languages:  American Sign Language

Regional Charge:  Jackson's Point

NB: Prices may vary from our website  

James Hay

"Love is a tree,

with branches in forever,

with roots in eternity,

and a trunk nowhere at all.”

- Rumi, Sufi Poet

- Richard Powers, Author, The Overstory

It is a privilege to work with couples, to celebrate their marriage, to help establish roots and extend their branches of loving families. We'll all remember the wedding day that we create and share together, forever.

Regional Charge: King City

Prices may may vary from aeic website

Heather MacArthur

From rustic venues and fishing lodges to exquisite historic family homes and various venues along the shores of Lake Ontario I have had the privilege of being a part of some amazing weddings and styled shoots. With expertise in various fields, including event planning and contract negotiation, I have assisted many couples in navigating their way through the entire wedding process. Becoming an officiant feels like a natural next step in my wedding planning journey. You have an incredible love story, and I can’t wait to hear it!

Regional Charge: Kingston and the 1000 Islands

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Matthew MacArthur

I was raised in a military family with many stops throughout Canada and even Germany, but Kingston is “where I’m from” and has been for 30 years. If you are passionate about building lasting relationships that foster trust, respect, and love, then I look forward to meeting you and your partner and learning more about you. From funny to formal or somewhere in between, I’m comfortable working with you to tailor a service that meets your needs.

Regional Charge: Kingston and the 1000 Islands

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Iroquois & 50 km radius

Dane Osorio

My day has yet to come ... when it does I want it to be perfect!  I think yours should be as well, and I willing to work with you to create that “perfect” ceremony you are looking for.

Languages:   English and Spanish

Vinod Gera

I have chosen to become an Accredited Official for two reasons very dear to my heart; the first is the honor of bringing couples together in a happy and fulfilling marriage, something I have been grateful to experience in my own life. And the second is that 100% of the proceeds of my fees as an Official will be put towards a charity that I have established to support young women in India to gain access to education. 

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Regional Charge: Markham, Richmond Hill 

Markham & 50 km radius

Mississauga & 50 km radius

David  Beal

For the past 15 years I  have provided Couples Music for their wedding as a DJ. I understand that taking this step in your life is a mile stone in your journey to committing your love to someone else and starting a new life together. Getting married is a special occasion and making that a special day for my clients is important and it starts with the Ceremony.  I appreciate what marriage is all about as I appreciate the privilege of solemnizing your  dreams for that special day.

Regional Charge: Mississauga

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Bernadette Galego

My  first career choice was to become a Wedding Officiant, looked at various organizations but just could find the right connection, so I became a Wedding Planner . I am happy to say that  Angels of The Earth Interfaith Community has made my dream come true.

Now I can combine my two loves and make your day twice as special.

Languages: English, Portuguese

Regional Charge: Peel Region

Ilona  Girzewska

There is nothing more beautiful than the unity of two people in marriage.  My biggest satisfaction comes from knowing that I have made your special day a memory of a lifetime. With my unique and creative touch, I can help you create your perfect day into everything you have always envisioned.

Languages:  English, Polish

Regional Charge:Mississauga

Ellie Priaro

The wedding ceremony is the most significant and symbolic part of your celebration. Together, let’s create a ceremony that is uniquely beautiful,  one of a kind and most importantly, a true reflection of your love, your style and your dreams.   It would be my privilege to be a part of the magic and make this experience warm and forever memorable. 

Regional Charge: Mississauga 

NB: Prices may vary from aeic website

New Hamburg  & 50 km radius

Jasmine (Jazz) Barker

I'm Jasmine, and I'm passionate about celebrating life and love, it's what I'm here for!  It is my privilege and honor to be a facilitator of all celebrations of life and love, and unions of love and lovers!

Let's work together to bring to life the visions you have for your ideal ceremonial representation of your life, love and commitment!

It's my goal to see your vision through, I look forward to working with you!

Regional Charge: New Hamburg and environs

Anita DjurKovic

I embarked on a lifelong journey of spiritual knowing and embracing the beauty of our exceptional humanness. My life partner of over 30 years, and I, celebrate a glorious, multicultural, multifaith family which has been a great gift in wisdom and the understanding of Ethereal, unconditional LOVE!

I am very active in the  community and have officiated ceremonies with some of  the most adventurous souls one can imagine. From a wedding in a helicopter overlooking the beauty of the Niagara Region, to a showstopper of a wedding held in a fantastic refurbished theatre. I am  here to embrace the energy of your vision. Whether it be an intimate  twilight ceremony by the Niagara river, or a black tie event in a grand hotel ballroom the sky's the limit!  

Regional Charge:  Niagara Region

NB: Prices may vary from our website

Krista Kemp

There is so much beauty when we gather together and this is what I love about being an Official. I'm honoured to work with together to create a lasting memory on your special day. It is a privilege to ensure your day has ease and flow that I'm truly humbled to undertake. Nothing warms my heart more than leading the way to seeing hearts joined. It is a true shared blessing.  

Regional Charge: Niagara-On-the-Lake

NB: Prices may vary from our website

Lisanne Marie Claire Roy Beauchamp

A love letter is a romantic way to express heart-felt feelings in written form. Whether delivered by hand, mail, carrier pigeon, or discreetly left in a secret location, the letter can be anything from short and sweet, long and endearing. Your wedding ceremony is one of the great love letters of life. It is a genuine expression of your commitment to one another. Whether you choose to keep it private, share it with family and friends, or shout it from the rooftop, your celebration should compliment your personalities. Together, with your imagination and my expertise in wedding coordination, we’ll create an unforgettable wedding ceremony that is true to you! I look forward to bringing a voice to your love letter. 

Regional Charge: North Bay, Sudbury, Muskoka

Languages: English, French

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Nicole Mantha

After successfully launching my wedding coordinating and event planning business, I felt there was more I could offer to couples above and beyond the coordination of their special day that would truly make it perfect. Becoming an officiant gives me hope that I am able to connect two people that are so deeply in love and help them begin their life together. Seeing a couple be joined together by marriage and become a new family has always resonated with me and I am overjoyed to now be able to be a greater part of it.

Regional Charge: North Bay, Sudbury, Muskoka

Languages: English, French

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Jacquelynn Hill

As a Native American, Mohawk Nation Turtle clan from the  Six Nations Reserve, I was raised in the traditional Iroquois life. This way of life taught me traditional healing methods through ceremonies (spirit). I would love to share my unique style of ceremonies with you. Of course, I can also perform traditional non-religious or spiritual ceremonies.  My motto is respect for all beliefs and traditions.

Languages:  English, Mohawk; Cayuga

Regional Charge: Oshwego

Stephanie Burgetz

I would like nothing better than to help make your day extra special.   I believe I possess the qualities everyone wants in a wedding officiant. I am dynamic, passionate, enthusiastic but most importantly I  care.   Love is in the air and I am  committed to help your journey!   Born and raised in Northern Ontario, university educated, mother of three beautiful men and currently residing in Ottawa.  I believes in inclusivity.  Let's make your wedding day memorable.

Regional Charge: Ottawa

NB: Prices may vary from aeic website

Sonal Acharya

Love is love. It is a place where two people from any background can come together and celebrate the bond that only they share. Love has no barriers. My passion is to help others achieve a wedding that embraces their specific traditions and ceremonies regardless of religion. I am honored to perform interfaith engagement, wedding and naming ceremonies including funerals and memorials and can embrace elements from multiple religions and cultures into a ceremony that fits your unique style

Regional Charge Ottawa

NB Price may vary from aeic website

Pamela Nicholls

Pamela would like nothing better than to help make your day extra special.   Pamela possesses the qualities everyone wants in a wedding officiant. She is dynamic, passionate, enthusiastic but most importantly she cares.   Love is in the air and Pamela is committed to help your journey!   Born and raised in Northern Ontario, university educated, mother of three beautiful men and currently residing in Ottawa.  She is ready to marry and believes in inclusivity.  Let's make your wedding day memorable.

Regional Charge: Ottawa

NB: Prices may vary from aeic website

Sarah Patrick

As an out and proud member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, it's important to me that all kinds of love and partnership are celebrated. I would be honoured to be a part of your special day. I have a background in performing arts and am happy to add any flare you want to your big day, so if you have a quirky or unique idea for your ceremony, let me know and we can make your dream a reality!

Regional Charge: Ottawa

Kait Topham

As a wedding & event coordinator, I am so excited to be able to be part of one of the most special days of your lives as an Accredited Official.

I'm happy to be a part of your union whether it be a quick "I do", adventurous elopement or grand wedding and everything in between

Regional Charge: Parkhill

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Karin Desveaux

Every love is unique; the connection that draws two people together and the story that unfolds along the way belongs to only them.  When the chapter of marriage arrives, it also reflects everything that leads two people to choose one another above all others. It is my honour to officiate your wedding in the way that is most meaningful to you

Regional Charge: Port Hope; Cobourg; Prince Edward County.

NB: Prices may vary from our website

Mary Wood

I have worked in the wedding industry for over 10 years. I've done Catering, Planning, Serving, Bartending, Set-Up, Tear- Down, Florals, Wedding Cakes and Event Design. I thought I had touched it all, until I realized I have never officiated. Throughout the last many years, I have realized that my favorite part of each wedding, without a doubt, is the ceremony. I watch each ceremony with blurred eyes, thinking of the connection each couple has with one another, and remembering all of the good in this world. It is my sincere privilege to now be able to provide officating services to our couples here at my own Wedding Venue, as well as across Ontario. To get to share in that moment is truly such a gift. 

Regional Charge: Port Hope; Cobourg; Prince Edward County.

NB: Prices may vary from our website

Norman Markland

I'm here to help you make your dreams and realities come true. As a certified event and wedding planner, I have lived and worked in Prince Edward County and helped organize weddings for over 15 years. I value diversity and inclusion, am a proud member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community, and am a major supporter of marriage equality. There are strict rules in Ontario about having your marriage officially recognized; with experience issuing these special licences, I want to help guide you through the legal and emotional aspects of the wedding ceremony and let you focus on making your dreams come true.

Regional Charge: Picton, Kigston, Prince Edward County

NB: Prices may vary from our website

Maggie Morris

There are a number of reasons why I would want to do wedding ceremonies but the most important would be the value that ceremonies have in our lives.

With the work that I do as a Death Doula, I have learned much more from the dying than they learn from me.  The dying have taught me over the years about the importance of living life to the fullest, the importance of ceremony, the importance of family and the importance of Love.

I have chosen to change my life and live from a place of Love.  

I want to live the rest of my life living my passions and encouraging others to live from a place of Love

Regional Charge:  St. Catharines

NB: Prices may vary from our website

Melina Duhaime

Melina is a new mom to a beautiful baby girl. She and her husband invited their family & friends to a 'meet the baby' party; only to reveal they were hosting their surprise wedding! They live in a tight-knit community where she teaches and also is a Poppy & Peonies Influencer.

Regional Charge: Nipissing & Sudbury

Languages: English, Franch

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Madison Malette

Marriage is an intentional joining of two hearts, two lives, and two individuals journeys'. It is an absolute honour to be a part of this incredible life moment where two people take a pause in their journey together to declare their love and intent to build and grow as one for the rest of their lives. Marriage represents the culmination of events and experiences that have led two people to choose each other as their life partner. It is an honour to be able officiate your wedding and to create a meaningful and unique ceremony that represents the two of you and your union.

Regional Charge: Stittsville

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Timmins &  50 km radius

Marlice MacLeod

My philosophy is that everyone in this world has a right to be happy and enjoy life with the person they love.  My favourite quote is “Being deeply loved by someone gives you  strength; while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ( Lao Tzu) I would be honoured to share in your happiness as your Official on your special day.

Languages:  English, French

Regional Charge:  Timmins

Neil Davis

From my early days as a cub scout leader and later as a camp counsellor to special needs children.  I have always loved to bring happiness to others. Over the past 10 years I have provided couples the music to make their weddings the most memorable they can be.   Married for over 15 years, I know what marriage means and how wonderful it can be.  As a newly accredited officiant, I am excited to be at the beginning of your path together

Regional Charge: GTA and environs

NB: Prices may vary from aeic web site

Emmanuelle Menard-Marchand

I am drawn to the role of a wedding officiant because, at its core, I believe that marriage is a union and a partnership founded on love that transcends religious differences. My passion lies in crafting ceremonies with the couples, that emphasize the universal language of love, creating meaningful moments for couples.

Regional Charge: Ottawa

Gloria Di Santo

Through my various accomplishments in mind, body, soul practices and passion for writing, I consider  it a privilege to officiate your wedding or special occasion. I will honour your values and allow the uniqueness of your personalities to shine through, creating the perfect ambience for your special day. Whether non-denominational, traditional or not, I am honoured to officiate the wedding of your dreams and  bring your love story to life.

Regional Charge: Toronto

Sandra Lisboa-Gabriel

I am a romantic.  I love weddings.  Look forward to uniting couples of all ages who still  believe in love.

Languages: English, Portuguese

Regional Charge: GTA Region & Brantford

David Keystone

Celebrating people as they are runs through my heart, from my own interfaith family of culturally diverse, queer, and gender-fluid folks, to my professional career as a host and producer of programming that aims to heighten social consciousness. I have hosted thousands of special events and ceremonies in my 25+ year career, and when people ask me, “What will make our ceremony unique?”, the answer is always the same, “YOU”. Your journey, and your story, IS special, and I would consider it an honour and privilege to be a part of your memorable milestone. We will work together to customize a ceremony that speaks to you, from your hearts to the hearts of others. From sentimental to emotional and/or religious to agnostic and/or comedic to uplifting, we can make sure it speaks to you and YOUR values. My professional bio starts with a mention of having won a Canadian Screen Award for my work as host and producer of the show 'Small Talk' on CBC, but it ends with a mention of how people can connect with me outside of work, because I think human connection is everything. Thank you for considering inviting me to be a part of your special experience, and I would be humbled to be a small part of this chapter in the story of your life. It means a lot, so thank you, and congratulations!”

Regional Charge: GTA

NB: Prices may vary from our website  

Jesse McNiven

My full time job is saving lives as a paramedic, part-time I love making people happy by celebrating their weddings. As an outdoors man,  I and enjoy  weddings in  a nature, setting.  I am as adventurous as you are!

Regional Charge: GTA

Alayna Munce

When a wedding ceremony is full of care and intention, it can have a profound effect on those gathered, and can also serve as a touchstone in the years to come. As an experienced literary editor, and as a writer myself, I can help you craft a ceremony that resonates with your values, needs, and needs, as well as with your own unique sense of beauty and meaning—one that has both simplicity and magic, both lightness and depth. A ceremony that sings. I would be honoured to bring my warmth, humour, and genuine presence to your day.

Regional Charge: Toronto

Joanna Polley

In our contemporary world, marriage is one of the few places left where we get to step out of our daily lives and take the time to reflect on and articulate our values and commitments. To do so is to participate in a fundamentally human ritual, one that not only symbolizes finding joy in relationship but that also sets us out on a path to a life lived more consciously. As a philosopher, I help couples articulate what this ritual means to them, and creatively reflect that in a ceremony both uniquely personal and universally resonant.

Regional Charge: GTA

Alison Rice

In my previous career , it was my privilege to be immersed in an occupation that was both empowering and uplifting for members of the community.  With great enthusiasm I am again throwing myself into another occupation that’s filled with joy and celebration. I am eager to assist you with the creation of your ceremony. I admit that I am in love with the idea of marrying couples. What could be lovelier than helping you create your unique ceremony? I am honoured!

Regional Charge: GTA

Kaleb Robertson

I am  an experienced host, community builder, and entertainer. I want you to feel comfortable about being your authentic selves in this process, and am open to hearing about your journeys. As a proud member of the LGBTQI community, I look forward to helping others navigate the world of weddings.

Regional Charge: GTA

Tanya Urbancic-Venemore

There is freedom in commitment" I believe that union in marriage can provide immense freedom and limitless joy. I can certainly agree that there is freedom in commitment. If we honour our commitments, we feel focused, alive, and passionate. I look forward to facilitating the commitment ceremonies of couples who wish to find such freedom in commitment.

Regional Charge:Toronto

Vaughan &  50 km radius

Allison Brown

I got married 20 years ago after a whirlwind romance, and now have 4 wonderful children. I understand and relish the institution of marriage and its ideals. As a parent I recognize that each child is unique and requires a different approach.  This is also my vision for your special day: unique.

Regional Charge: Vaughan

Alexandr (Alex) Zhbannikov

Why is the wedding ceremony so beautiful? Why do words hurt the heart and why do you want to cry with happiness? Because they are about you! About your story, about your family, about your love! And there is nothing more important and more beautiful than the moment when two people become a family. I will bring warmth and emphasize the uniqueness your special moment.  

Regional Charge: Toronto and environs

NB: Prices may vary from our website

Dunnville  & 50 km radius

Dick Passmore

I have been interested in performing marriages for most of my life.  When I was a child, I had a book of Anglican Church ceremonies, and memorised the entire solemnization of marriage by the age of 10.  Since that time, I have been asked to lead many weddings, but have always had to have an officiant to make it legal.  My connections to the 2SLGBTQ community will also be an asset for many people who wish to formalize their vows. I feel that two consenting adults should be allowed to marry in the location of their choice with the officiant that best represents them.

Regional Charge: Dunnville

Lincoln/Haldimand & 50 km radius

Lisa Lynne Jensen

Releasing white doves at special events for almost a decade has been a passion of mine. I have been creating customized ceremonies for wonderful people all around the southern part of Lake Ontario and I am excited to expand my ceremonial experience as an accredited officiant. Over the years I've helped my clients to express their thoughts, coached them on their presentation, and stood by them in support as they spoke of the love that filled their hearts and now, I'd love to assist you as you plan your most important day.

Regional Charge:  Lincoln/Haldimand

NB: Prices may vary from our website

Renata Antoniuk

People should find and be with partners that make them better versions of themselves. It’s an honour to be part of a couple’s special day when they have found their match

Regional Charge: GTA and environs

Sharron Brownlee

There are many ways to express our love for one another, but none more profound than the day that brings that love together. Your  wedding day is the purposeful expression of sharing with the important people in your life, the devotion you have for each other.  Having the honour of  being  an Accredited Official is a gift  which,  gives me immense pleasure by having the  wonderful opportunity  to share in people's happiness, in  a process filled with hope and a joyful outlook of the path ahead.

Regional Charge: Markhan and environs